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Who Is LifeLock and Why Should I Use Them?

LifeLock is an industry leader offering state-of-the-art identity fraud protection and full identity restoration services. At LifeLock we recognize that personal information is becoming increasingly more vulnerable and as such we offer the most vigorous and sophisticated identity protection available.

The five points of protection offered to LifeLock subscribers offer a nearly impenetrable level of security:

  • Identity Monitoring – LifeLock monitors your credit score and checks for irregularities in your personal account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, LifeLock examines public records and court reports searching for any indication you data could have been used for malicious purposes.
  • Identity Threat Scans – LifeLock scans known black market identity websites searching for any indication your information is being trafficked.
  • Identity Theft Response – LifeLock notifies you immediately if anything suspicious is detected so that you can quickly address the issue. Moreover, should you experience identity theft, the LifeLock team will take over the identity restoration duties on your behalf until you have your good name back.
  • Credit Score Tracking – LifeLock offers monthly credit score tracking from all three credit bureaus. In addition we provide an annual credit report you can access online at any time of day or night.
  • $1 Million Service Guarantee – In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen while you are a LifeLock subscriber, the LifeLock Service Guarantee will dedicate $1 million towards the restoration of your identity.

Identity theft can put not only your credit score and your finances at risk, but even your good name and your freedom can be in jeopardy. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you have LifeLock by your side.

1 million dollar guarantee

What is the advantage of using LifeLock?

There have been over 600 million cases of identity fraud in the United States since 2006. LifeLock offers comprehensive personal information security that is not only thorough, but requires little or no effort on your part.

One of the many great services provided by LifeLock is the LifeLock Wallet application that can be used on any smartphone. LifeLock’s Wallet app is a tool that combines the convenience of a digital wallet with the protection of our identity monitoring service.

With the LifeLock Wallet app you can combine your personal data including ID cards, digital banking cards, credit cards, membership loyalty cards, coupons and receipts into a single, easily accessible smartphone application. The application also allows you to maintain a digital purchase receipt and transaction record in a single secure electronic file that is protected by your LifeLock enrollment.

While many identity protection services protect your financial well being, LifeLock goes the extra mile by protecting your name as well. LifeLock Command Center protects your name from being used by criminals in the following ways:

  • Social Security Number Monitoring – We scrutinize all data pertaining to your social security number and assess whether or not the activity attached to it is legitimate or false.
  • Sex Offender Registry Reporting – We monitor sex offender registries to ensure your name is not being used as an alias.
  • File-Share Network Search – We scan all file-sharing networks to discover if your personal information has been exposed during file sharing activity.
  • Court Records Scan – We search all court records for any indication that a criminal has been using your identity as an alias.

LifeLock is one of the few identity protection services to offer a full Service Guarantee. This means that if your identity is stolen, LifeLock will do the work for you in order to get your identity back under your control.

We dedicate up to $1 million to hiring lawyers, consultants, investigators and anyone with the necessary skills and expertise required for the resolution of your case. This guarantee will also reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses related to your identity theft including lost wages, travel expenses or additional costs for child or elderly care.

Another feature that puts LifeLock above the rest is our exceptional customer service. We offer 24 hour a day phone support. If you ever need help or have a question, we are just a phone call away 24 hours a day.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Using LifeLock?

While LifeLock offers a comprehensive list of services, some you can perform yourself. You can track your credit rating and monitor your own bank accounts as well as your identity. At LifeLock, however, we recognize that your time is valuable and we offer more than just protection of your finances; we also protect your name by scouring court documents, public records and monitoring black market identity trafficking websites on your behalf to protect against fraud and identity theft.

LifeLock services provide surveillance and protection of activity in your bank accounts, credit cards and with your social security number. But we are not able to offer specific safeguards against other types of malfeasance that could occur with your personal information.

LifeLock is, however, committed to state-of-the-art technology and investigation techniques. We can guarantee that you are putting the security of your identity into the hands of experts who maintain access to state of the art identity protection tools and software.

lifelock million dollar guarantee

How Much Does LifeLock Cost?

We offer highly competitive rates for our very aggressive monitoring and Service Guarantee. For a low annual subscription, you can access thorough identity security without having to spend your valuable time monitoring credit bureaus, court documents, sex offender registries or public records yourself. LifeLock not only provides financial protection for you and your family, but also provides personal protection against criminals who may use your identity as an alias.

We offer two protection plans: LifeLock Basic and LifeLock Ultimate. LifeLock Ultimate offers all the great protection of LifeLock Basic with the some additional benefits including:

  • Bank Account Application Alerts – LifeLock will search financial institutions account applications to discover any fraudulent activity.
  • Bank Account Takeover Alerts – LifeLock will notify you immediately if any account information is changed without your approval.
  • Enhanced Credit Application Alerts – LifeLock will alert you immediately if there is any activity on your credit report such as unauthorized credit applications.
  • Online Annual Credit Score Reporting – You will have access to all three credit bureau scores 24 hours per day.
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking – You can monitor your credit score monthly to ensure there are no changes or fluctuations that need to be addressed.
  • 24 Hour Agent Service – If you have a question day or night, our service agents are available.

Basic LifeLock Services have a monthly fee of $10. We offer a discount should you choose the annual subscription, in which case the cost is $110 per year.

For LifeLock Ultimate, the monthly fee is $25 or $275 if you choose to pay on an annual basis.

In addition to our LifeLock Basic and LifeLock Ultimate, we also offer LifeLock Junior for the younger members of your family and LifeLock Business Solutions for organizations seeking added protection for their clients and employees.

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What Is the Best LifeLock Promo Code?

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